Jewelry house

Is a well-coordinated teamwork at all production stages, a creative approach and compliance to global trends, state-of-the-art equipment and quality assurance system
Violet philosophy

The main purpose of jewelry originates from the word ‘jewel' itself, which means ‘a precious stone or something that is highly esteemed'. Then why preference is still given to mediocre pieces of jewelry, meaning and conveying nothing?

Ever since women started to choose rings, earrings, pendants and brooches for themselves, their jewelry acquired a new meaning. Nowadays jewelry is not just some heirloom out of a jewelry box. Nowadays you can voice a protest or express an instant mood with such items. Absence of strict rules liberated both jewelry and people wearing them. Jewelry characterizes us same as our clothes, it enables to show our merits to advantage: properly selected earrings refresh our face, a brooch draws attention to a décolleté, a bracelet flatters delicate wrists, and rings impart a special sensuality to our gestures.

Would it be possible for a thin ring or a modest zirconia on a fishing line to perform these functions? Not at all. We were grown up on standard Soviet jewelry, but it is high time to learn self-expression and select jewelry that suit and appeal specifically to us instead of pandering to hackneyed ‘classics'.

With jewelry from VIOLET Jewelry House you will be able to unveil your character and highlight your personality. After all, we are creating what can be admired forever!

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Violet history

Since 1995, VIOLET Jewelry House has presented over 50,000 jewelry designs. Whilst jewelry production has been based upon adherence to the following principles: state-of-the-art design taking into account the most recent trends of the world’s jewelry fashion, a creative approach of artists to jewelry designs development, high quality and technological efficiency of products.

For years of flawless performance, products created by craftsmen of the jewelry house have been widely acclaimed both among specialists and customers. That has been repeatedly confirmed by numerous diplomas awarded at international jewelry exhibitions as well as by grateful feedbacks of our clients.

Principal business areas
The jewelry assortment fascinates with its versatility and truly exclusive designs. Stylish and one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry constantly update collections and win hearts of luxury and originality connoisseurs.
De Luxe collection
The collection of high-class jewelry, with each piece evoking admiration by its beauty and quality. It is created by jewelry designers of VIOLET factory, taking into account up-to-date fashion trends. Each admirer of an exquisite jewelry art will find here what will enchant her and will make her personality stand out. A separate line of this collection called ‘DE LUXE PREMIUM' deserves a special attention, as it covers unique handmade products with original inserts and enamel hand painting technique applied
The Orthodox Chersonesus: the beginning of Rus conversion into christianity collection
The collection is inspired by the place itself — this is where, in Sevastopol, at the place of the ancient city of Chersonesus, Prince Vladimir was baptized. Here is the birthplace of the Russian Orthodox Church. The collection includes products with Orthodox images as well as with holy faces and themes of Christian scriptures, and their detailed elaboration amazes and fills with admiration. Artisan jewelers carefully follow canonic requirements, fully comply with iconic themes, authentic prayers texts and holy face images in their works.
The Orthodox Chersonesus: craftwork collection
THE ORTHODOX CHERSONESUS: CRAFTWORK COLLECTION has become a separate collection in the Orthodox jewelry line. This is unique jewelry that won multiple awards from the Highest Panel of Experts at international jewelry competitions and was honored with the ‘Unique Piece of Jewelry' certificates; it is adorned with inserts of mammoth tusk and rare noble wood varieties, inspired by ideas and refined through a high professional excellence of jewelry designers
We are especially proud of the award given by Carl Fabergѐ Memorial Fund in recognition of our contribution to the jewelry art — the Great Order of Michael Perkhin.